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HuMuch is a global price comparison website.
It’s powered by Web 2.0 / Crowdsourcing technology and concepts

HuMuch aims to be the best way for people from all over the world to find, share, and compare prices. On the site, consumers can share their knowledge on products and prices. The products are typically the world’s top brands (e.g. Apple iPads, Absolut Vodka, Rayban sunglasses). The prices are then aggregated, normalized for unit of measures, exchange rates, and taxes, and presented for easier comparison.

Web 2.0 has been successfully implemented by a number of websites, including Wikipedia (encyclopedia), Yelp (restaurants), CNN (iReport news) and Amazon (product reviews). People share information to make a statement, help others, or for reward. Since its renovation in June 2012, HuMuch is fast becoming the place for crowdsourcing prices. At Dec. 2013, the estimated traffic is ~50k unique visitors per month.


We are consumer advocates. Each time we visit a new place, we notice with amazement that an item is often sold in different places at drastically different prices. We are building HuMuch to help improve price transparency around the world.

HuMuch is based in Falls Church, Virginia, USA (Washington DC Metro Area). The region is home to over 175 foreign embassies, missions, and international organizations. HuMuch’s targeted users are international consumers, namely international travelers and those working, studying, and living abroad. There are an estimated 650 million people worldwide, who fall under those categories in a given year.


Major Highlights
March 2010: Company founded. The name HuMuch is taken from the phrase “How Much?”

June 2010: Beta version presented at Launch Silicon Valley.
Basic functions: Add items, Add prices, Ask and Answer price questions

December 2012: Public version presented at Capital Technology Management Hub.
Advanced functions: Become a price expert (“Professor of Price”), Build your own basket of goods and make personalized comparisons

March 2014: Language translation added to the site. Base year for Price Index finalized (2013 = 100)

February 2015: Published first edition of the Global Consumer Price Index (GCPI)

TBD: Next generation mobile application


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For additional information, please visit, or send an email to Rachael Xiang at humuch AT



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