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FAQ: How Does It Work?

Step 1) Find an item 
             -See "most popular", or search by category or keyword

Step 2) Compare global prices 
              Movie Ticket (evening show): Global Avg. Price $9.90 (USD)
              Highest Price: Tokyo, Japan $19.91(USD)/1,800(JPY). That's 101% higher 
              Lowest Price: Singapore $5.02(USD)/7.00(SGD). That's 49% lower

              Click view
to view all places, prices, and comments

Step 3) Prices are provided by you*
-Price is the amount due from a consumer, including any discounts, rebates, or tax
              -Adding prices increases your member score. Try to become a "Professor of Price"


Step 4) Try advanced features*
              -Ask & answer price questions
              -Build a basket of goods and compare your own cost of living

Step 5) Add Item, if you can't find an item*
              -Works best when the item is commonly used around the world, usually global brands
               (i.e. Apple iPads, Louis Vuitton handbags), or commodities (i.e. food, travel, fuel)

     * requires free membership: Join for free

More Frequently Asked Questions


1.  What is HuMuch?
2 My Score
3.  Why Sign Up?
4.  My Profile
5.  Find Items
6.  Compare Prices
7. Add Prices (one at a time)
8. Add Prices (more than one at a time)
9. Ask and Answer Price Questions
10. Make Comments
11. Create Favorite Lists
12. Cost of Living Comparison
13. Quality of the Information
14. Add Items
15. Close My Account
16. Our News and Announcements
17. Copyright Policy
18. Support for a Mobile Phone Application?
19. Support for other Languages than English?

1. What is HuMuch?
HuMuch is a global price comparison website. Here -- you can find, share, and compare prices around the world. The website is "Web 2.0 / Crowdsourcing", where consumers like us share prices, and the data is aggregated, normalized for foreign exchange rates, unit of measures, and tax rates, and presented for simpler viewing comparison.

The name HuMuch is taken from the English phrase "How Much?". However, the phrase is uttered in every country and culture. In Spanish (Cuánto), French (Combien), Chinese (多少), Japanese (ã©ã®ä½ã‹), Filipino (Magkano), Russian (Сколько), German (Wie viel), and Norweigian (Hvor mye) as a few examples. Start your global price discovery here.

2. My Score?
We are a community of global consumers sharing prices on commonly used goods and services. Each time we share, we earn points and get closer to the next level. Begin as an "Assistant Professor of Price", then "Professor of Price" and reach all the way to "Dean of Price". In more detail, adding a price will increase your score +1, answering a price question +1, and adding an item +2.

Try to score the highest and earn rewards !

3. Why Sign Up?
If you sign up (it's free), you will gain access to advance features, including
-Personalize your display currency
-Create favorite lists
-Share your prices
-Share your comments
-Utilize the cost of living calculator
-Ask and answer price questions

Registering is required to help maintain the quality of the website. We will never share or sell your personal information.

4. My Profile?
In My Profile, you can personalize your online experience by adding a Member Photo, updating your default currency and country, and sharing your personal likes. You can also change your password and contact information. (See link in upper right corner)

5. Find Items?
HuMuch is a place where you can easily find, share, and compare prices.

There are 4 ways to search for an item and 4 ways to sort the search results:

i) In Most Popular, use the scroll bars to see popular examples

ii) In Search for Items, search within a list of categories

-Food & Beverages 
-Clothing & Accessories 
-Health, Beauty & Fitness
-Personal Life
-Professional Svs

iii) Search within a tag cloud
Tags allow you to search by associated concepts, such as summer, Ralph Loren, birthdays

iv) Search directly by keyword

After searching, a number of records are shown. You can then sort by Most Recent (recently added), Most Viewed (view details page), Most Prices, and Least Prices

6. Compare Prices Around the World?

For each item, we provide the following price information:
Average price, Maximum price, Minimum price, Price/location map, # of Prices, and # of Countries with prices.

Price would include any sales discounts, rebates, and sales tax.
It is intended to represent the amount due from the consumer.

Average price is a general indicator of the cost. It is the average of all data points. If you are logged in, your local currency and unit of measure are displayed. Otherwise, US dollar and US unit of measure are displayed. 

You are always encouraged to click View Details. You'll find the complete list of prices, before and after conversion. In View Details, you will also find the ability to select by Country, limit by time period, change currency, and send via email, facebook, twitter, etc

7. Add Prices (one at a time)?
As a registered member, you can add your prices.
Prices are intended to represent the amount due from a consumer at time of sale. It would include sales tax (if any).

Adding prices is easy. First, you would find the Item and then select Add Price.

Price input consists of:

Country (default is your country)
-State/Province (default is your state/province)
-City (default is your city)
-Currency (default country currency)

-Unit of Measure
Most of the time, "per unit" is the correct unit of measure. If unsure, leave as "per unit". The other unit of measures include weight (lbs, kg), volume (gallon, liter), length (ft, m), and area (sq.ft, sq.m).
If time measurement is needed (i.e. annual, weekly), then include in item name.
Example: Gym Membership (monthly access).

-Check box for "Before Tax" or "After Tax"

-Date (default is today)

Also see #13: My Prices

8. Add Prices (more than one at at time)?
As a registered member, you can add your prices. Prices are intended to represent the amount paid by a consumer at time of sale.

You are not limited to add prices one item at a time. In the upper right, grey box, select Add Prices to quickly add prices for a core list of items. Simply provide known prices and other information. If you do not have a price or other information, then please leave blank. Blank information will not be added.

Also see #13: My Prices

9. Ask and Answer Price Questions?
This is an interesting feature. As a registered member, you can ask and answer price questions.

(i) Ask Price: To ask a price question, you must have an Item and Location in mind.
For instance, you want to see the price of a Starbucks House Blend Coffee (medium cup) in the United Kingdom.  First, you would find the item. Then, you would select Ask Price, and fill in the Country value = “United Kingdom” , if desired, fill in other location information like State/Province ("England") or City ("London").

All price questions appear on the maps as yellow question marks. Price questions are also posted in the "pending prices" tab

(ii) Answer Price: To answer a price question, simply click on the yellow question marks or goto the "pending prices" tab and provide the prices that you know via the links. (Recall that your member score will increase with each answer!).

10. Make Comments?
As a registered member, you can post comments and replies. This can be used to comment on the item, clarify prices, or discuss a related topic. The comments section includes your standard features, post a new comment, reply, like, and report as abuse.

11. Create Favorite Lists?
As a registered member, you can create favorite lists. This allows you to more easily return to your favorite items and/or track trends. You can create up to 3 lists. Simply click on the heart icons.

12. Cost of Living Comparison?
As a registered member, you can personalize cost of living comparisons. To access, select the green tab "Cost of living".

First, you will need to provide a Home location (default is your location), Compare to location, and Time frame (default is all).  Then, you will need to select items and quantities.

HuMuch will automatically display your basket of goods and calculate cost of living comparison, including % more expensive or % cheaper. Cost of living is calculated (Home-Compare to location)/Compare to location.

13. Quality of the Information?
Quality of the information is important. We take proactive steps to test the price data. First, we limit addition of prices to members only. Second, members have the ability to rate prices. In View Details, clicking on the red star represents “inaccurate” -1; the blue star represents "about right" 0; the green star represents "very accurate" +1. The cumulative accuracy score for each price is provided in the details.

You are always encouraged to view the accuracy score by clicking on View Details.

14. Add Items?
If you cannot find your item or similar item, select Add Items.
Please make sure a similar item does not already exist !

HuMuch works best for goods and services commonly used around the world !

As a registered member, you can add an item and item photo.
The item name should clearly identify the item, yet remain universal enough to allow others to share their prices.

In general,
-Include the brand name, if globally known
-Include size, such as large or small
-Keep the length of the name less than 50 characters.
-Exclude reference to color

Item photo should be JPG format and square layout.

Good examples:
-Starbucks House Blend Coffee (medium cup)
-Louis Vuitton Oversized Canvas Tote
-Movie ticket (evening show)

Not so good examples:
-Too vague: Winter Jacket
-Too restrictive: Northface Winter Jacket Aloe II, Blue & Grey, from Macys

Also see #13: My Items

15. Closing My Account?
You can close your account at anytime for any reason. After closing your account, you will no longer appear as a member, your member score will be zeroed-out, and you will no longer have access to advance sections of the website. Any items and prices will also no longer be associated with you, although the items and prices will still be viewable on the website. 

To close your account, please contact us from the email address associated with the account, and include your member name and reason for closing the account.

16. Our News and Announcements?
In the green tab labeled "our news", you will find the latest news and announcements on the website, global price trend information, and international shopping, traveling, and living abroad tips.

17. Copyright Policy?
HuMuch respects intellectual property rights. Trademarks are used on this website solely to identify good and services. They do not represent endorsement or sponsorship with HuMuch. See the terms and conditions on how to contact us, if you believe your intellectual property rights have been violated.

HuMuch was created to benefit consumers. You must also not copy any information for the purpose of replicating HuMuch or otherwise commercially exploit the information. This platform to compare global prices is US patent pending.

18. Support for a Mobile Phone Application?
We want to support a mobile phone application and full access to the website and information on the go. Please stay tuned

19. Support for other languages than English?
We want to support multiple languages and are working on it. Although HuMuch is limited to English, members can view prices in many currencies and unit of measures.

HuMuch is the best way for
people from all over the world
to find, share & compare prices
  • Discover global prices
  • Ask & answer price questions
  • Compare living expenses
  • Save lots of money
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